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Hail, and welcome to the Viking Nation!

  We are a multi-gaming community formed from the equal viewpoint that gaming should be enjoyed with friends, family and like minded individuals.The Viking Nation is the community you can count on to be there for you as a light in the dark, a friend when you are lost and a platform for each of you to share your victories through every day. We are here to help you dispel the illusion of weakness and inspire you to conquer whatever it is you fear.  

  The Viking Nation currently has multiple community invested interests across gaming and other forms of media including livestreams, Youtube channels, Twitter and many others. We are also currently deeply invested in the upcoming  MMO from Carbine Studios called WildStar.

 We are and will continue to support each other through the healthy gamer movement. This is the belief system formed from the thought that with a willingness and drive to succeed as a healthy individual, each of us can be better tomorrow than we are today. Stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically no matter our past. If we stand beside each other, eager to  encourage, inspire motivate, we are an unstoppable force of positive influence on not only ourselves, but the world around us

 The Viking Nation is in the process of creating a Wildstar specific guild pre-launch that will be participating on a pvp server as part of the Dominion faction. Be sure to follow the Viking Nation here and all our other social media such as our twitter at: and our facebook at:  to receive the most up to date info on not only our Wildstar section, but also other endeavors the Viking Nation is currently working towards.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or one of the other Viking Nation Karls.  

 We will not stop. We will not quit. We will always get back up. We will carry each other when we must, celebrate each other everyday and accomplish whatever we desire. We are the Viking Nation. We are the voice and the image of trust, friendship, strength, encouragement, inspiration,  and motivation.   


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